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Applications for Fee Paying External Membership have to be made online. 

All other membership applications can be made by following the relevant membership option.

To access the Online Store go to 

  • In the search box under Navigation type library.  Clicking on library External Membership. 

To make an application 

  • Click on book event
  • Login/Register – New Customer

As a first time customer you will need to create an account.

  • Under New Customer you will see if this is your first visit click here. Click on the red text.
  • Register New Account
  • You need to complete all the fields marked with a red*. If any of the required fields are missed it the system will tell you.
  • Click Continue when the account has been created. 
  • Login

If you already have an account, after you have logged in and clicked Continue it will take you to the page headed Delegate Details. Click on Use my Customer Details then click Continue.

Delegate Categories.

  • To select a category click the dial to the left of the option and click Continue.
  • On the page headed Delegate Details. Click Use my Customer Details. 

Your details will populate the boxes.

  • Click Continue.

Whatever option has been chosen the heading will reflect the option chosen and you will then have to complete the questionnaire.

  • All applicants will have to upload a current passport style photograph
  • Click Browse, select the photograph to be uploaded and click Upload.
  • Continue with the application by ticking all the relevant dials on that page. If you forget to click anything it will tell you. Once the questionnaire is completed click Continue.

Booking Summary

This page contains brief information about what has been ordered, cost and the customers’ name. You can click View Pending Booking to check the order and if you change your mind you have the option to cancel your booking. If you wish to proceed with the order click Add to Basket.

Shopping Basket

On this page you will see similar details and the options to Remove Event and Edit Booking. Click Proceed to Checkout.

Note: Clicking Continue Shopping takes you to the Online Store homepage.If a customer has chosen a Fee-Paying option they will select their payment method at this point. The two options are Credit/Debit card or Paypal Express.

Select a Delivery Address - you can add a new address or edit the address they have chosen. If you don’t want to change anything Click Select.

Delivery Address and Payment Method

This screen is self-explanatory. Click Continue.

This screen generally repeats itself. Again you have the option to edit the address and also view the questionnaire. Please make sure that the very last thing you do is to click on the Confirm button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Unless you do this, the library will not receive the application.

Thank You

The order is now completed. At the top of the screen you will see the order number and the date.

You will receive two confirmation emails:

one from the Online store which should start with SHEF followed by six digits

one from


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