Answered By: Your Library Team
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2023     Views: 233

EThOS offers a single point of access to all theses produced by participating UK Higher Education institutions.

Access is to digitised final versions of doctoral theses from UK Higher Education Institutions. The database contains 250,000+ records from the 1900s to present, and is updated at least weekly with new records from participating institutions, as well as with theses harvested from participants’ repositories.

Many theses are freely available for immediate download, but in some cases there may be a charge for the digitisation of the original document. Many of the hard copy theses we hold in our library have been digitised and are available for download on EThOS.

You will need to set up an account with EThOS to download any material, but you can search without creating an account.

There is help available online within the site including search tips.