Answered By: Your Library Team
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2021     Views: 3070

StarPlus is the University Library’s primary discovery tool. It allows you to search all of the Library’s digital and print collections from a single interface.

By default StarPlus will search the whole database (Everything), but for a more targeted search use the drop-down menu to select one of 4 pre-defined sets:

  • Everything

    All of the University Library’s digital and print collections, including books, journals, articles, databases, research outputs, Special Collections and NFCA.


By default StarPlus will search for your search terms in all fields, including all resource types. For a more precise search, pre-filters can limit your search to a selected resource type (articles, books, etc), and/or to find your terms in specific fields (title, author, etc). Note that the pre-filters offered are determined by and relevant for your set selection, as not all resource types can be found in all sets.

Careful pre-filter use is advisable, as you may inadvertently exclude relevant content from your results. A larger range of filter options can be applied after your search to refine a large list of results. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it is usually better to start with a broad search and then refine it by applying filters to the results.

Search Terms

Your search results will include all items from the selected set that contain words from your search terms. Select search terms carefully, preferring keywords, title words, author names. We try to assist by removing grammatical differences. By choosing exact search you are able to disable some of this functionality