Answered By: Your Library Team
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017     Views: 58

If you experience problems accessing a Ebook such as blank pages or access to the opening page only check the following:

Adobe Reader

Many Ebooks open in Adobe Reader within the browser window.  You will need to install this in your default settings.

Make sure that in Adobe Reader 'display PDF in browser' is set. To check your settings, open Adobe Reader, select Edit, Preferences, Internet and the 'display PDF in browser' should be ticked.  Your browser must be set to open content in Adobe as a default setting.  


Most of our Ebooks cannot be transferred or read on a Kindle because of the digital rights software associated with them by the publisher.  We buy our Ebooks from different suppliers for multiple use.

Add to queue icon

If you see this icon it is because some Ebooks can only be used by a certain number of people at a time (the number is set by the publisher) and that maximum figure has been reached.

You have two options to open them:      

  • Click on the clock icon and view the Ebook for a maximum of one hour only; OR
  • Click on the Add to queue button to be notified by email when the eBook will be fully available without any time constraint (NB all Add to queue requests expire after 12 hours, but the corresponding Ebook should usually become available well before that eventuality).  An e-mail will be sent when the book is free.