Answered By: Your Library Team
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2020     Views: 13

From 9 August 2020, StarPlus is using a new, expanded index for the discovery of articles and other online resources. This new index includes over 4 billion records from over 4000 databases.

Search results from the new index may look different. You might notice that you get:

  • More results
    The new index includes records from a wider range of sources, so depending on your search query, the number of results retrieved might be greater than it was from the old index.
  • Reduced duplication in your results
    Because the index includes records from many sources, there are often several duplicate records for a single article or resource. Rather than displaying each version of the record as a separate result, the new index identifies these duplicates, checks that they are a true match, and merges them into a “master record”. The result is a single search result giving access to all of the versions of the article that the Library has access to.
  • Your results sorted in a different order
    If you regularly run the same search and are familiar with the sort order of the results, you might notice that this changes with the new index. This is partly due to the expanded content included in the new index, and also because the new index uses slightly different criteria to assess how relevant a resource is to the words in your search query.
  • Saved Search alert emails with a lot of new results
    As the new index has more content, your first saved search email alert after 9 August may contain a lot of new resources that match your search criteria. It is also possible that some resources that were sent in an earlier email will be repeated - this is due to the date of record in the new index being more recent than the same record in the old index, and it should only happen with the first email after the change.
  • Bookmarked links that no longer work (10% chance)
    We expect that approx. 90% of links saved or bookmarked from the old index will redirect successfully to the same resource in the new index as they are based on DOIs or identifiers provided by the publishers of the content. However, if you have saved a “permalink” to a resource, there is a small (approx. 10%) chance that the link will no longer work. If this happens you should search StarPlus for the resource again to find the new link and update your bookmark.