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If you have a topic you would like to explore type in search terms into the simple search box to discover relevant items. 

Advanced Search gives additional options which may be useful if you want to run a more in depth search.

Phrase Searching

  • To search for a phrase, type quotation marks around the phrase. You can combine both words and phrases in your search. For example, to search for global warming, type "global warming" in the search box.

Searching for any specified word or phrase

  • You can search for items that contain at least one of the words or phrases you type in the Search box. To do so, type OR between the words or phrases.  For example, to search for items with the word Irish or the word Celtic, type irish OR celtic in the search box.

Excluding words or phrases

  • You can exclude items that contain specific words or phrases. To do so, type NOT and then type the word or phrase to exclude.
  • For example, to search for items with the word Celtic and exclude any of these items with the word Irish, type celtic NOT irish in the search box